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I've been really asked by many friends of mine who say that Beyond Worlds is something that came out of RPs (yes I've RPed them with my BW OCs) and story narrative. The one time I began to grow more passionate of continuing it was the way that I met people who had OCs who're directly different and have their own unique traits. Defining them as different from cliches like gary-stu and mary-sues.

What Beyond Worlds is trying to get is the difference in how you can percieve it, what can you really get from it. From videogames I played, and modern cartoons who're... mixing up action and comedy all too much, Beyond Worlds is trying to be its own thing. It's own series of events that have a mix of action and humor. But also, create a large focus on the structure and understanding of our life and plain of existence. 

Sci-fi shows like Rick and Morty been making question if there's truly more out there than where we are in terms of transporation through space, or sleeping and projecting astral dreams. There can be a step where my series if very close to starting it's biggest step: to the 2nd Animation-Dimension.

But as I will say, I will summarize the story of Beyond Worlds.

In a world of infinite realities and dimension, a threat of pure evil and destruction was given the power to forge its own universe, and by expanding the influence of its inhabitants towards all known universes, including the universe. There, a group of rebeling delinquints and their leader set out to stop this threat with the help of their ancestor's powers. But as they progress, they come face to face with a mystery and a ugly truth of their birth and existence that will forever change whether they're the good or the bad.

So yeah! That's what I have to put. I know it isn't that original compared to HEROES VS VILLAIN, but it comes as a twist on the action genre, rather than getting to point A to point B, it goes all over the place, different paths and ways that a person could take, and even uncover more about the world and themselves. I contemplate and walk full of philosophy. I know it may be an ambitious dream, but that's what I want and I will get it no matter what cost.

My DeviantART actually does showcase some OCs who'll appear, especially the main villain who's yet to pose as a ultimate threat. A desire for the whole multiverse in the palm of his hands is enough to make him a god among all others.

And many friends ask me "Why call it Beyond Worlds?"

It's funny because that's how the title saids it all, you can go beyond your limits, beyond your surroundings, and beyond what you walk on in terms of where you live and where you go. The dreams, the brain, the power, and the movements if what creates a multiverse, the many worlds interpretaton theory is what you should look up, it's interesting. Especially when you can make so much possible stories that work in so many ways. It might act like Rick and Morty, but it'll sure as hell show that multiverses can be scary as FUCK.

But anyways, I've cracked up a new production team to help work on the animation for Beyond Worlds: Zero. I shall be the director, organizing AND animating. But more on it, next time. Sorry if the post have been repetitive. It's because I haven't been here in a long time. Things sure have changed a lot since I left.

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